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Please consider giving to the following funds to help support the Economics Department's initiatives and goals. Select the fund by clicking on the name and follow the link instructions.

  • Research and Teaching Fund: This fund plays a crucial role in strengthening the department because it provides resources for core academic initiatives when university funding is inadequate. The fund also helps us recognize talented and hard-working students in Economics by rewarding their efforts and pushing them to reach their potential. The fund also allows us to invite prominent scholars to our department to share their expertise with our faculty and students.
  • Milton and Virginia Kafoglis Nobel Laureate Lecture Series Fund: This fund allows us to bring Nobel laureates and other high profile scholars to campus to benefit the entire community. This fund is open for additional contributions. Your contribution to this fund will enhance the department's ability to achieve eminence.

  • Jack and Lewis Greenhut Award: Given annually to a deserving undergraduate student for showing an excellence in economics and promise for graduate studies.

  • George Benston and Richard F. Muth Award: Given annually to a deserving undergraduate student for demonstrating intellectual curiosity, passion, and skill in economic analysis.

Please click here to select. When you click on any account name, you will have the option of contributing to that account as well as any of the other accounts through that link.

If you wish to mail your donation or pledge, please click here to access the information form.

Alumni Directory

Do you wish to know where your fellow classmates are now? Do you wish to contact old friends? You can do so by accessing Emory University's alumni directory. If you are a first-time user, you can set up an account here. You can then access the directory and search for friends. Link to them on Facebook and learn where everyone has gone and what is currently happening in their lives. Who knows, they may be close enough to you to meet face-to-face!

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